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ProScript Pharmacy Management LLC is a New York State licensed mail order pharmacy and pharmacy benefits management company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Crossroads Healthcare Management LLC.

ProScript is fully and exclusively dedicated to providing state-of-the-art pharmacy benefits to Union families. We were created to serve labor and nothing but labor. Everything we do is to better protect the Union membership.

ProScript brings together:

  • A Director of Pharmacy Services with over 33 years experience, supported by a fully dedicated customer service staff.
  • An extensive retail pharmacy network that offers Union families maximum convenience and choice, and that includes independently owned and operated GNP pharmacies known for personal service.
  • A comprehensive formulary that includes those drugs most commonly used by membership, and that maximizes drug choice and savings.
  • Cutting edge mail order technology, systems, and back-office support – so that exactly the right prescriptions are delivered to Union members and their families at exactly the right time.
  • Unique and highly effective disease state management programs for pulmonary, cardiology, diabetes, and oncology that deliver superior care to Plan members while significantly reducing Plan costs.
  • Database-driven patient profiles, to ensure that Plan members on multiple prescriptions are fully aware of contra-indications, and to help Plan trustees stay fully aware of membership drug needs and usage patterns.
  • Acceptance of Medicare B for Plan member co-payments, enabling retired Union members to seamlessly continue to fill their prescriptions through Medicare.

With ProScript, Union members and their families realize unprecedented service and savings compared to conventional PBM (pharmacy benefits management) companies and solutions. Union families are more satisfied. The Union Health Fund is better utilized and protected.

For Fund trustees: Click if you are a trustee responsible for your Union’s pharmacy benefits Fund and would like more information on ProScript.

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